Rookie League


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Age Group

Rookie league is for boys and girls in first and second grade during the school year that ends prior to the summer baseball season.

League Description

Rookie league is intended for players that are advancing beyond tee ball and are ready to start hitting a pitched ball and play games according to basic baseball and softball rules.  Games are played with three outs per inning and game scores are kept.  Batters hit an “incrediball” (i.e. a soft baseball) which is pitched under hand by the umpire or by the coach. 
The soft toss pitching by the umpire together with use of the “incrediball” allows players to start hitting pitched balls without the fear of being hit by the ball. Rookie league further develops the primary baseball and softball skills of hitting, running, fielding and throwing. The players gain an understanding of basic rules of baseball or softball and compete in league play against their peers.

2022 League Information

This section provides information specific to the rookie league division for the current year.


Results and Standings

  • Rookies 2022 Results
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Team Rosters

Rookie League Roster – sign in to to view your child’s team roster.

Team rosters for the entire may be emailed by league administrators but for privacy reasons will not be made publicly available on this Web site.

League Format

This section describes the format for the tee ball division of little league.


  • The Rookie League games are normally played on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.  Game times can vary based on the number of teams in the league in a given year.  Early games typically start at either 5:30 or 5:45pm.  Late games on the schedule start at 6:45 or 7:00pm.  Coaches may ask the players to arrive early for practice or warm ups but that is at the discretion of the coach.
  • League play typically starts about the 1st week in June and run through approximately July 15th.
    • A league schedule which reflects game nights is typically created in early May.
    • Detailed league schedules become available once registration is closed and league admins have created teams.

Game Location

League Fees

The league fee covers a team t-shirt and an “incrediball” for each participant.


  • Boys and girls in first and second grade during the school year that ends prior to the summer baseball season are eligible.
  • Players must be enrolled at Pine Island schools for either the previous or upcoming school year or in home school situations must live within the Pine Island School district.
  • Parents that wish to volunteer coach are encouraged to do so when registering their player.

Equipment and uniforms

  • PIBA provides:
    • Bats
    • “Incrediballs”
    • Helmets
    • A team t-shirt for each player
  • Players:
    • Must supply their own glove.
    • Are strongly encouraged to bring their own personal batting helmet.
    • Are not required to wear baseball pants and cleats.