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2019 League Registration
2019 League Registration

Registration for Summer 2019 baseball season is now open.  Click here for the Pine Island Baseball Association Online Registration.  For 2019 league overview information, please click on this link.

If you are signing up multiple family registrants you should register all players before checking out as there is a family maximum cost limit that will be applied upon check out.  League fees are to be paid online via credit card through the online registration system.  In your siplay account settings there is also a provision for specifying multiple email addresses.  If you would like emails to go to both you and your spouse, for example, you should specify both email addresses in your account settings.  Or alternatively, you can add an additional adult to your account and specify the contact information for the additional adult. 
The online sportssiginup system also allows you to specify within your account to receive league alerts via SMS text messages on your mobile device.  This is highly encouraged as information regarding late cancellations or changes is sent via SMS text messages.

If a registrant's parent, legal guardian or relative such as a grandparent is interested in coaching in-house leagues you will be given an option to specify the name of the person interested in coaching during the registration process.  All coaches must provide consent to a background check and must have the background check completed prior to coaching.  The cost of the background check is covered by Pine Island Baseball Association. 
Volunteers who are selected to coach will be contacted by league coordinators with further instructions for registering as a coach and completing their background check at a later date.  By registering as a coach you will also have access to your team roster and each player's contact information.  You will also have access to the Sportsignup team email and text message tools to make it easy to communicate with your team.

Important Dates

  • 2/21/2019 - Registration opens
  • 4/1/2019 - Traveling league registration deadline. There will be a $30 late fee to register for 3rd-8th grade traveling leagues beyond this date. 
  • 5/15/2019 - In-house league registration deadline.  There will be a $20 late fee beyond this date.
  • 5/15/2019 - Jr. Legion and Legion league registration deadline.  There will be a $30 late fee beyond this date.


In house leagues are open to students of Pine Island schools or to students who live in the Pine Island district but are open enrolled to other schools.  Students of the Pine Island district that open enroll to other schools are not eligible to participate in traveling leagues unless specifically approved by the Pine Island Baseball Assocation board of directors.  Questions regarding player eligibility should be directed to the PIBA president or a member of the board of directors.

On-line Registration Instructions

  1. Follow the link to the sports signup registration page and click the large "Login/Register" button at the top of the page.
  2. If you registered all of your children last year skip to step 6.
  3. If this is your first time visiting this site for a Pine Island baseball Association registration you will need to click the "Create an Account" link at the bottom of the page.
    1. The Pine Island Baseball Association will use the email addresses provided to send out league information such as team rosters, practice and game schedules, schedule changes, and game cancellations.  If you would like to have multiple email addresses notified be sure to specify optional email addresses on your account.  You can edit your account later to adjust your email settings.
    2. The information you provide will go into the league database and will be used to help organize and manage the league.
  4. Once you have created an account you will see the "My Account" page.  Links at the top of the page allow you to manage your account, change your password, update your contact information, and view your order history.
  5. From the "My Account" page you must click the "Add Children" link and add an entry for each of your children that you wish to register.  Grade settings specified for the child will direct you to the age-appropriate leagues available for your child.
  6. If you had registered one or more children last year the Sportsignup tool will reflect your child's correct grade this year but you should confirm the grade setting in your child's account.  If you are registering a new child that did not play summer baseball last year you will need to add an additional child account.
  7. Next click the "Register Now" button next to your child's name.
  8. The "Choose a Session" page is informational only and shows you which sessions are available to your child.  Click the "Register Now" button at the bottom.  You will select the division on the next page.
  9.  On the "Summer Baseball 2016" page you can select the division for which you wish to register your child.  Children in 3rd grade and under will see only a single little league option as there are no traveling leagues for those age groups.  For children 4th grade and older you will see an option for in-house league only and an option that includes both in-house and traveling league.  Traveling players are required to sign up for the in-house league.  If you or a spouse/guardian are interested in coaching in-house league you should type the name of the person interested in coaching on this page.  Once you have filled out the information on the page click the "Continue" button.
  10. On the consent page you must provide your consent.  If you do not agree to consent the registration of this child is cancelled.
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 11 for each child you are registering.
  12. Once you have registered all children you can press the "Check Out" button and submit your payment via credit card.
  13. Upon completion of the registration you will receive a receipt via email from the Pine Island Baseball Association.
  14. When you are done with your registration and have specified your account settings you should click the "Logout" link.
  15. If you need help see Help With Registration for further instructions.
  16. If you later find you need to change any information on your account you can come back to the registration link and sign in to change your account information.  For example, you may want to change an e-mail address or add additional e-mail addresses to be notified when e-mails are sent out from Pine Island Baseball Association.

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request.  You can also email

from the Pine Island Baseball Association.

Refund Policy

Refunds, if provided, will be handled by Pine Island Baseball Association directly (they are not handled through SI Play).

Payment Information

siplay is providing credit card processing services for Pine Island Baseball Association. Charges will show up on your credit card statement with PINEISLANDBASEBALL as the merchant.

For more information on leagues, visit the Pine Island Baseball Association website at

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