Traveling League

The traveling leagues are set up for children in the Pine Island school district who attend Pine Island School and for those that open enroll to Pine Island Schools. Traveling leagues are intended for players that wish to compete at a more advanced level of baseball. The purpose of the league is to further develop baseball skills in a more competitive atmosphere while competing against other teams from area cities. The philosophy for traveling leagues is to provide “fair” playing time based on a player’s ability, effort, and practice participation. Equal playing time is not guaranteed. The top players from league traveling teams may be invited by the traveling league coaches to play in some weekend tournaments.

Note that participants that wish to play in traveling league are required to also play in in-house league for their age group.

There are three divisions of traveling leagues at the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade levels. Each division will compete against similar-aged teams in traveling leagues. Traveling teams may also play in weekend tournaments.

Divisions by Grade

The child’s grade is based on the grade they are completing in the current school year (the school year prior to the summer baseball season). When you register your child online you will specify their grade and the system will offer the appropriate session(s) for your child. Click the links in the menu to the left to see the description and ages for each traveling division.

Each traveling division will have one or more coordinators that oversee the league. Team rosters, league information, league schedules, and tournament schedules will be provided here once the leagues and tournaments have been established. For more information, contact one of the traveling league coordinators.